Discover How Naughty Even Cartoon Heroes Can Be!™

April 27, 2005

Who knew that Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl were into hot incest action? Or that Elastigirl likes to engage in sticky, athletic sex with Syndrome, her nemesis?

incestuous Incredibles

And the Incredibles aren’t the only cartoon characters doing very naughty things behind the scenes: Futurama‘s Leela loves getting it robot-style from Bender. Even the characters from The Family Guy are getting reamed in every hole. It’s all happening at the Drunk Toon Party:

Welcome to the Drunk Toon Party! Lots of famous cartoon characters, like world-known families, villains and super heroes, young chicks and guys craving for sex, - are all gathered here! This party brings you extreme hot party fucks, chick blowjobs and drunk lesbos….

Could you possibly imagine that toons could do things like that? Oh, yeah, you probably thought they were fast asleep in their beds. Not tonight. They’re getting really naughty at this incredible party! What’s more, they only got started! Other famous toon heroes promised to come over for some wild fun, too. You can’t miss it! Join us at the hottest party!

Drunk Toon Party

The weirdest thing about the site: It isn’t just a repository for lurid drawings by bored, undersexed, underemployed, easily amused illustrators. It’s a commercial operation apparently aimed at people who are actually turned on by this sort of porn. To access anything more than a handful of thumbnail galleries and promo pages, visitors must pay a hefty membership fee: $14.95 for three days, $34.95 for one month, or $54.95 for two months. Are there really enough deep-pocketed cartoon character fetishists in the world to sustain a pay site devoted to Wilma fucking Barney or Fred giving it to Daphne and Velma doggy-style? The site is probably just a vehicle for identity theft or credit card theft, but still.