Radar Isn’t the Only Magazine Recycling George Lois’s Classic Esquire Covers

August 15, 2005

As Matt Haber observed last week, the cover of Radar‘s September/October issue was art directed by George Lois, the advertising genius who created dozens of classic Esquire covers between 1962 and 1972. The new Radar cover is a parody of a Lois Esquire creation that caused a big controversy in early 1968.

Here’s what no one’s noticed yet: For some time now, George Lois has been happily recycling his old Esquire covers for a bunch of other magazines. The one below is on the newsstand right now. Click on the image to see the Lois original.

Oh my God -- you can see Tara Reid's boob-job scar.

[This post originally contained two more George Lois riffs, but I don’t think they worked as well as the one above, so I took them down…]

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